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Looking for a better way to memorize vocabulary?

Wordinary Vocabulary Builder is a more interactive way of memorizing vocabulary. It helps you memorize better by engaging you through sight, sound, and spelling interaction.

Studying by spelling out the words helps your mind better connect letters to its sound. Combining this in a game-like setting allows users to not only study, but to do so more enjoyably.

Gameplay: Each level starts by showing a word list. Tapping the word list closes it and you can begin playing the level. Complete the level within 30 seconds gives you an extra point. After you complete a level, you can review it as well as have the word sounded out by tapping it (iOS 7 required).

Survival Mode: Complete all levels in a category to unlock Survival Modes. Survival Mode challenges the user to complete all levels within a category in one go. Can you manage to complete all Survival Modes?? It definitely won't be easy since it's been designed to be tough.

Test Your Knowledge!

Drag and drop letters to spell out words

Pass levels without using any hints

Survival Mode!

Can you beat all the levels to make it to survival mode?

Unlock Levels!

Pass each level with at least 1 star to move on to the next