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Full Version

Unlocks free version of app to the full version
  • Quiz Mode
    • Quiz yourself!
    • Test your typing skills!
    • Select the correct answer from a multiple choice list
    • Quiz yourself on either the front or back item of the card
  • My Progress
    • Check your quiz progess!
  • Search Mode
    • Allows you to search for cards/definitions in your dictionary
  • Create a Custom Deck
    • You can create a custom deck for better organization
  • Leitner System
    • Learn by using spaced repetition. Manually categorize cards! Your quiz results automatically adjusts card spacing
  • Image Importing
    • You can import background images to help further aid in your studies. DrawFlash can now be used like a coloring book!

More Dictionaries

Download pre-made dictionaries for your studying needs!
  • *Japanese Dictionary - A Japanese dictionary consisting of 2,951 entries. Contains vocabulary from JLPT N5 - JLPT N3.
  • *Kanji Dictionary - A Kanji Dictionary consisting of 613 kanji entries. Contains kanji from JLPT N5 - JLPT N3.
  • *Korean Dictionary - A Korean Dictionary consisting of 1,855 entries.
  • *Italian Dictionary - An Italian Dictionary consisting of 4,579 entries.
  • *Spanish Dictionary - A Spanish Dictionary consisting of 6,612 entries.
more dictionaries to come!
*all dictionaries will be continually updated

Dictionary Importing

Allows you to import your own custom *dictionaries
*currently only .csv file compatible. **.csv files can be created through most spreadsheet software applications (Microsoft Excel, NeoOffice, Open Office…etc)
** .csv file requirements:
  • Field Delimeter: , (comma)
  • Text Delimeter: " (double quotes)
  • minimum columns: 2
  • maximum columns: 5
  • maximum rows: 5000