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Select Dictionary

  • Selecting a Dictionary - Tap any dictionary to start studying from it
  • Deleting a Custom Dictionary - Press and hold any custom dictionary to enter delete mode. Click on the 'x' button to delete. (you can only delete custom dictionaries)
  • Getting More Dictionaries - You can get more dictionaries by either:
    • purchasing it as an in-app-purchase
    • by importing your own (if you've purchased the 'import dictionaries' in-app-purchase)
The Main Menu consists of: *My Progress, Study, *Quiz, *Search, Card Options, *Deck Options, and Settings.
*only for full version of app
  • Scrolling Through Menu - Swipe left or swipe right to scroll through the menu
  • Changing Dictionaries - Swipe down to go back to the 'Select Dictionary' menu


  • Scrolling Through Cards - Swipe left or right to scroll through cards
  • Flipping Cards - Swipe down or up flip cards
  • Draw Mode - Double tap to enter Draw Mode
    • Exit Draw Mode - Press the 'x' button to exit Draw Mode
  • Getting Back to the Main Menu - Press & hold to get back to the Main Menu

Quiz Mode

  • Typing in the Answer - Type in the answer using the correct keyboard (ex. japanese keyboard, korean keyboard)
    *you may need to go into your device's settings to enable international keyboards
  • Getting Back to the Main Menu - Press & hold to get back to the Main Menu

Creating Cards

  • Adding Cards - Click the 'Add' button and enter the information for your custom card
  • Editing Cards - Click the 'Edit' button and edit any information you like
  • Deleting Cards - Click the 'Delete' button and select which card you wish to delete

Creating a Custom Deck

  • Creating a Custom Deck - Click the 'Add' button and enter the name of your custom deck
  • Editing - Click the 'Edit' button to change the name of the deck
  • Deleting a Deck - Click the 'Delete' button and select which deck you wish to delete
  • Managing a Deck - Click the 'Manage' button
    • Select Deck - Select which deck you wish to manage
    • Adding Cards - Enter a search term and search for cards. Select the cards you wish to add and click the 'Add' button
    • Removing Cards - Select which cards you wish to remove then click the 'Remove' button

Importing Your Own Dictionary

  • Requirements:
    • Import Dictionaries (in-app-purchase) - To import your own custom dictionaries you must have purchased the 'Import Dictionaries' in-app-purchase.
    • Custom Dictionary Format - Currently DrawFlash only allows importing of .csv files (csv: comma separated values, Field Delimeter[,], Text Delimeter["]) more info
To import .csv files you must have the .csv file on you device (can be imported through email or web browser).
  • 1) Click the .csv file to open it.
  • 2) Once opened, at the top right there is a button for more options. Click this button and an option 'Open in "DrawFlash"' will appear.
  • 3) Click on this button and DrawFlash should load.
  • 4) Type in a dictionary name and press 'Enter'. It may take a while for the dictionary to load.
  • 5) Upon successful import, you will be taken back to the Select Dictionary menu.


  • Category List Settings - You can change how the category list is populated
    • Back Sublabel
    • Front Sublabel
    • Category
    • Auxiliary Sublabel
    *depending on which setting you choose and which type of dictionary is loaded, the category list may slow in performance.
  • Flashcard Settings
    • Show Front/Show Back/AutoFlip Off
    • Randomize Words
    • Show/Hide Front/Back Labels
    • Show/Hide Front/Back Sublabels
  • Quiz Settings
    • Quiz Front/Back
  • My Progress Settings
    • Delete Progress