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Study vocabulary, formulas, quiz material, and anything you normally would with physical flashcards.

With DrawFlash you can draw on the face of the card to help further assist you in memorizing information.

Import Dictionary

(in app purchase)

Import your own dictionaries!

You can create your own dictionaries in any spreadsheet-type program and import them into the app as your own custom dictionary.

*currently only supports .csv files

Quiz Mode

(full version)

Test what you've learned!

Quiz yourself on typing and selecting the correct definition through a multiple choice quiz.

Create Custom Cards


Create your own custom cards!

You can create as many cards as you like and categorize them anyway you please.

Available for

iPod / iPad / iPhone (and iPhone 5)

Retina display supported

Create Custom Deck

(full version)

Create a custom deck for better organization!

You can add regular and custom cards to any custom deck you create. Having a custom deck lets you organize cards for better studying.